UN/CEFACT encryption system

To ensure that the electronic exchange of data is secure and authentic, the certificate data should be encrypted. Countries are encouraged to use the encryption system recommended by UN/CEFACT, which is widely available and considered sufficiently secure.

The method of transmission over the Internet should be through secured login with user name and password from the NPPO of the exporting country to the NPPO of the importing country. The NPPO of the exporting country should inform the exporter of the actual certificate number covering the consignment concerned.

The UNCEFACT recommendation 37 on digital evidence certification http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/cefact/recommendations/PublicReview/UN-CEFACT%20-%20DEC-R%20V1.1%20-%20v2.0.2%20VF.pdf gives general and specific information on security for electronic certification.