Background Documents

Link No. Subject Link URL (links to be used in documents or articles)
1 WC3 Extensible Markup Language (XML) http://ephyto.ippc.int/XML
2 UN/CEFACT SPS XML Schema http://ephyto.ippc.int/UN-CEFACT-schema
3 IPPC ePhyto certificate for export http://ephyto.ippc.int/Export
4 IPPC ePhyto certificate for re-export http://ephyto.ippc.int/Re-export
5 IPPC replacement of phytosanitary certificates http://ephyto.ippc.int/ReplacementPC
Harmonized Terms
6 ISO two-digit country http://ephyto.ippc.int/ISO-country
7 Database of scientific names http://ephyto.ippc.int/EPPO-codes
8 IPPC commodity class http://ephyto.ippc.int/Commodities
9 UNECE recommendation 21 (packages and packaging materials) http://ephyto.ippc.int/UNECE-recommendations
10 UNECE recommendation 20 (units of measure used in international trade) http://ephyto.ippc.int/UNECE-recommendations
11 IPPC treatment types http://ephyto.ippc.int/Tmt-types
12 Codex active ingredients http://ephyto.ippc.int/Codex-ai
13 UNECE recommendation 20 (concentration, dosage, temperature and duration of exposure) http://ephyto.ippc.int/UNECE-recommendations
14 IPPC additional declarations http://ephyto.ippc.int/AD
15 UN/LOCODE for Trade and Transport Locations http://ephyto.ippc.int/UN-LOCODE-locations
16 UNECE recommendation 19, Codes for modes of transport http://ephyto.ippc.int/UNECE-recommendations
Exchange Mechanism
17 UN/CEFACT encryption system http://ephyto.ippc.int/UN-CEFACT-encryption
18 Communication on status of message exchange between NPPOs http://ephyto.ippc.int/COMMS-STATUS-MSGEX-NPPOS